Electrical engineering and services

KiloAmps® specialises in the supply and installation of complete high current transport solutions for industrial and tertiary environments. We offer tailor-made support, including a study of the client’s needs, the design of technical solutions, manufacturing, installation or supervision, preventive maintenance and in-situ or workshop repairs.

Electrical engineering

As part of the development and improvement of its products or to better satisfy the requirements of its customers, KiloAmps® has acquired important design and testing resources adapted to the transmission of high currents in low and high voltage.

  • FLUX 2D calculation and simulation software (thermal, electrical and magnetic studies);
  • SOLIDWORKS 3D design software (mechanical studies);
  • Control and test facilities including in particular
    • A 20 kVA transformer generating a three-phase current of up to 6000 A;
    • An 80 kV dielectrometer;
    • An ultrasonic measuring device;
    • Two endoscopes…

Thus, the IT resources help to design the best technical solutions, and the test equipment validates the solutions designed.

Electrical engineering and services
Electrical engineering and services

Installation / Supervision

At the customer’s request, KiloAmps® can take care of on-site installation or supervision of the installation of products manufactured in its workshops. In the case of installation, the latter is carried out by an approved partner.

The six key points for a successful installation :

  • KiloAmps® documentation given to the installer and the customer;
  • Site visit including safety training;
  • Installation of the equipment;
  • Connection to the equipment;
  • Controls at the end of the installation;
  • Joint signing of the installation acceptance report

Our dynamic team of project managers is at your service.

Preventive maintenance of water-cooled cables

ENDOCABLE™ is a proprietary development by KiloAmps® to optimise the life of water-cooled cables through in-place, on-site inspection without disassembly.

The cables just need to be de-energised and the water circuit disconnected.

The videoendoscope allows the condition of the copper strands inside the cable to be viewed over a length of 12 metres and photographs or videos to be taken for an accurate and reliable record.

The videoendoscope is inserted through the water inlet hole. There is no need to empty the cable. Endoscopic inspection can only be performed on ENDOCABLE™ cables.

Electrical engineering and services
Electrical engineering and services

Repair of water-cooled cables

Water-cooled cables are an essential part of your installation. That’s why it’s important that your worn cables are repaired by a specialized company that works with quality, competence and speed

Regardless of their construction technology or brand, let KiloAmps® repair your cables.