Metallurgical Furnace Power Supply

Industrial Furnace Power Supply

ARC.ITEC™ range

The ARC.ITEC™ range from KiloAmps® offers complete solutions for powering industrial furnaces, whether arc, induction or plasma.

This range consists of several elements to power industrial furnaces such as:

  • Water-cooled cables
  • Delta tubes
  • Conductor tubes and arms
  • Electrode clamps and pads
  • Aluminium busbars

Several sectors of activity

  • Steelmaking :

We provide power supply solutions to the requirements of steelplants, blast furnaces, and rolling mills, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of these crucial installations.

  • Electrometallurgy :

Our ARC.ITEC range offers high-performance solutions for electrometallurgical processes such as electrolysis, electrolytic refining, and non-ferrous metal melting.

  • Graphitization :

For graphitization installations, our power supply solutions ensure precise control over temperature and pressure parameters, contributing to the production of high-quality graphite materials.

  • Electro-Fused Ceramics :

We offer specific solutions for electro-fused ceramic furnaces, delivering stable and accurate electrical power supply for the production of advanced technical ceramics.

  • Foundries :

Our range meets specific needs of foundries, providing reliable power supply solutions for metal melting and casting processes.

  • Waste Incineration :

We offer solutions for waste incineration furnaces, ensuring safe and efficient electrical power supply for this activity.

  • Research Centers :

They require state-of-the-art equipment and can therefore rely on our ARC.ITEC™ range to provide a precise and controlled power supply.

  • Glassworks :

We provide solutions to the requirements of glassworks, delivering stable and precise electrical power supply for glass melting and shaping processes.

*This list is not exhaustive*

Alimentation Électrique Des Fours Métallurgie

Our commitment to you 

When you choose the ARC.ITEC™ range from KiloAmps®, you benefit from competent and responsive technical and commercial support. Our team of experienced engineers is equipped with advanced testing, calculation, and simulation tools.

After conducting a complet analysis of your existing installations, we can determine and propose solutions to extend equipment service life or improve production efficiency.

Our team of engineers conducts in-depth studies and develops personalized drawings for each case, ensuring that ARC.ITEC™ solutions perfectly align with your technical and operational requirements.

Made in France

At KiloAmps®, we take pride in our high-quality French manufacturing that meets the most demanding industry standards. With our French expertise and how-know, we have established a strong presence in the international market, providing our electrical power supply solutions for industrial furnaces.

Our ARC.ITEC™ products are carefully manufactured in our workshops in France, where we apply rigorous manufacturing processes to guarantee the quality, traceability and reliability of each component.

Thanks to our commitment to French manufacturing excellence, we are able to offer high-quality technological solutions that meet the requirements of our international customers.

Our team is on hand to support you every step of the way, from analysing your specific requirements through to the commissioning of our solutions on site.

At KiloAmps®, we are convinced that French manufacturing and our international expertise are the perfect combination to meet the expectations of our customers around the world.

Rely on KiloAmps® to power your industrial furnaces reliably and efficiently.

Alimentation Électrique Des Fours Métallurgie

A range dedicated to the eletrical needs of industrial furnaces

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