Water-cooled cables

EF and LF water cooled cables 

Water-cooled cables are ideal for high current in a small space and a need for flexibility.

Their main element is the water hole. This hole determines the service life of the cable.

ARC.ITEC™ water-cooled cables are available in a wide range of applications and fields of activity: arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, induction furnaces, plasma furnaces, glass furnaces, iron and steel industry, foundries / electrometallurgy, graphitisation, …

An exclusive process : ENDOCABLE™

KiloAmps® exclusive development: ENDOCABLE™ cables can be inspected from the inside,  without disassembly, for perfect preventive maintenance.

Optimisation of operation and longevity : ARC.ITEC™ cables can be fitted with a wide range of thermal and mechanical protection accessories or rotating lugs.

Repairs : KiloAmps® repairs all brands of cables and is committed to minimising their downtime with a fast and personalized response.

Specific water-cooled cables

Whatever the final product manufactured and whatever the brand of furnaces, the use of ARC.ITEC water cooled cables allows to optimize the performance, that is why we propose specific cables.

These specific cables can have several types of lugs  :

  • Connection on standard pipe
  • Connection on clamp
  • Connection on contact plate
  • Connection on threaded pipe

For more information on our water-cooled cables, please contact us.

Some pictures of our water cooled cables