About us

Complete solutions for power transmission

KiloAmps® is an international SME, created in 2000, and the head of a group comprising several subsidiaries in France and abroad.

The KiloAmps® GROUP specialises in the study, design, supply and installation of complete solutions for the transport of low and high intensity electrical current in industrial and tertiary environments.

KiloAmps® offers solutions that meet the specific needs of each user thanks to the skills of its engineers and specialised tools such as 3D CAD, test benches, electromagnetic and thermal simulation software.

Concerned about preserving the environment and in a self-design approach, KiloAmps® has created Linaë®, an innovative concept of autonomous units for drinking water production and industrial water treatment.

Our values

KiloAmps® puts people at the centre of its concerns and relies on its corporate culture which favours dialogue, quality and performance as well as the protection of the environment through an eco-design approach.

KiloAmps® embodies the main idea of its creators, who have more than 30 years of experience in the same sectors of activity, namely the synergy between :

     – PROFESSIONAL QUALITIES : competence, innovation, service

     – EFFICIENCY : rigour, organisation, clear and quick decisions

     – PLEASURE : friendliness, pleasant atmosphere, balance between professional and private life