About us

Complete solutions for electrical current transmission

Founded in 2000 under the name E.ITEC®, KiloAmps® is an international SME specialising in the study, design, supply and installation of complete solutions for the transmission of high electrical currents at low and high voltages, in industrial and services environments.

To bring a new dynamic to the company, in 2023 E.ITEC® became KiloAmps®.

Our Expertise

KiloAmps® stands out thanks to its team of highly qualified engineers and use of specialised tools such as 3D CAD, test benches and electromagnetic and thermal simulation software. These resources enable us to offer customised solutions that meet the specific needs of each user. Our approach, which focuses on innovation and expertise, enables us to design technically advanced and reliable solutions.

A commitment to the environment

At KiloAmps®, we are committed to protecting the environment and integrating the principles of eco-design into our approach. With this in mind, we have developed Linaë®, an innovative concept of autonomous units to produce drinking water and treat industrial water. This project illustrates our desire to actively contribute to protecting the environment while offering innovative solutions to our customers.

Our Values

At KiloAmps®, we believe in fundamental values which guide our approach and our corporate culture. These values are at the heart of our actions and our relationships with our customers, our partners and our team:

  • Putting people first: We place people at the heart of our approach. We encourage dialogue, teamwork and the professional development of our team.
  • Quality and performance: We are committed to providing high quality products and services to the highest industry standards. We aim to achieve total customer satisfaction through our expertise and commitment to excellence.
  • Protecting the environment: We adopt an eco-design approach in all our activities to minimise our impact on the environment and promote sustainable development.
  • Efficiency and responsiveness: We rely on strict and meticulous organisation to ensure that decisions are taken clearly and quickly, thereby guaranteeing customer satisfaction and meeting deadlines.
  • Balance and pleasure: We believe in a pleasant working environment and a corporate culture that encourages a balance between our team’s professional and private lives. We believe that fun and conviviality contribute to performance and collective success.

Made in France

At KiloAmps®, we pride ourselves on our high-quality French manufacturing, which meets the highest standards in the market. Building on our French expertise and know-how, we operate on an international scale, supplying power solutions for industrial furnaces.

We carefully manufacture our products in our workshops in France, where we use rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure the quality, traceability and reliability of every component.

Thanks to our commitment to French manufacturing excellence, we can offer high-quality technological solutions that meet the requirements of our international customers.

Our team is on hand to support you every step of the way, from analysing your specific requirements to commissioning our solutions on site.

At KiloAmps®, we firmly believe that French manufacturing and international expertise are the perfect combination to meet the expectations of our customers around the world.

At KiloAmps®, we pride ourselves on our expertise, our commitment to quality and our ability to provide innovative solutions to the complex needs of power transmission. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of technology to provide our customers with reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.