Gaines à Barres BT et HT

ITEC.BAR™ range

At KiloAmps®, we are driven by a passion for innovation and excellence, and our ITEC.BAR™ range exemplifies that commitment.

ITEC.BAR™ is a comprehensive collection of bus ducts specially designed to meet all your electrical distribution needs. Our range offers a variety of solutions tailored to each situation, ensuring reliable and secure power supply in a wide range of applications.

Our bus ducts

GT :

  • Provides low-voltage air insulation
  • Ideal for connections transformer – low voltage panels
  • Aluminum

GP :

  • Offers low-voltage solution with enhanced protection
  • Suitable for agressive environment, floodable areas, …
  • Resin 

GV :

  • Meets the demands of high-voltage distribution
  • Tubular bus ducts
  • Resin

GS :

  • Provides special solutions to address unique electrical challenges.
Gaines à Barres BT et HT
Gaines à Barres BT et HT

Several sectors of activity

Renewable energies 

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) 

Hydraulic industry 

Generator sets 

Data centres 



Pharma-medical / health


Food industry

General industry 

*This list is not exhaustive

We adapt to the specific needs of each application and offer standard solutions that can be adapted with detailed studies and customised plans in all sectors.

Competent and responsive technical support

At KiloAmps®, our focus is on customer service and high-quality technical support. Our team of experts is always ready to support you in all your projects and installations, providing you with personalised advice on how to make the best use of our bar ducts. We are here to help you choose the solutions best suited to your specific needs, ensuring optimal commissioning and performance of your electrical equipment.

Gaines à Barres BT et HT
Gaines à Barres BT et HT

Our commitment to you

When you choose the ITEC.BAR™ range from KiloAmps®, you benefit from competent and responsive technical and commercial support. Our team of experienced engineers is equipped with advanced testing, calculation and simulation tools.

After an in-depth analysis of your existing installations, we can identify and propose appropriate solutions to extend the life of your equipment or improve your production yield.

Our team of engineers carries out in-depth studies and draws up customised plans, ensuring that ITEC.BAR™ solutions are perfectly tailored to your technical and operational requirements.

Made in France

At KiloAmps®, we pride ourselves on our high-quality French manufacturing, which meets the highest standards in the market. Backed by our French expertise and know-how, we have an international presence supplying our power solutions for industrial ovens.

Our products in the ITEC.BAR™ range are carefully manufactured in our workshops in France, where we implement rigorous manufacturing processes to guarantee the quality, traceability and reliability of every component.

Thanks to our commitment to French manufacturing excellence, we are able to offer quality technological solutions that meet the requirements of our international customers.

Our team is available to support you every step of the way, from analysing your specific requirements to commissioning our solutions on site.

At KiloAmps®, we are convinced that French manufacturing and our international expertise are the perfect combination to meet the expectations of our customers around the world.

Trust KiloAmps® to power your industrial furnaces reliably and efficiently.

Gaines à Barres BT et HT

A complete range of LV and HV bus ducts

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